Ahh…the smell of dead leaves!

I love fall.  As the leaves start to turn colour and the air shifts, my outlook on life tends to change as well.  My everyday routine becomes less mundane and my mind starts to whirl as I start scheming up new ways to make life more enjoyable.  Here are some of my fall resolutions:

1. Start to enjoy making dinner again. I used to cook new and exciting things all the time but lately I haven’t been able to motivate myself.  I’m going to start browsing  tastespotting, food mags and cookbooks again, frequenting fun grocery stores and farmer’s markets, inviting friends over for dinner, and trying out new things.

2. Dress up more.  It may seem shallow but wearing something pretty really does change my mood and outlook on life.  It’s easy to fall into pulling on something a little too casual because it feels comfortable.  This fall I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and into my Sunday best.

3. Read like crazy.  I’m just in the process of assembling my fall reading list which I’ll share with you soon.  I know I have to start going to the library more often but there’s nothing like receiving a box full of books from amazon on a rainy day.

…And finally-now’s the time to take a good hard  look at my life and explore what it is that I really want.  I hope to carry this out as romantically as possible – pondering life while on long walks in the park with the leaves falling at my feet as opposed to rocking back and forth in the fetal position in a dark room.  Happy fall!


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