Lazy Sundays

Sundays growing up were always slightly depressing.  The next day a whole other week of school would begin so all weekend fun was pretty much over.  No morning cartoons, boring afternoons,  and a bad case of the Sunday blues.   Sunday dinners were a dull and disheartening ritual- shake ‘n bake chicken, tv trays, The Edison Twins, followed by The Wonderful World of Disney.   By the time the Lawrence Welk Show hit, I’d slid off the couch, cocooned myself in a crocheted afghan, and was rolling on the floor in despair.

Luckily, times have changed….or maybe just my perspective.  Sundays are no longer boring-they’re luxuriously lazy.  Now on Sundays, instead of wishing my life were more exciting, I’m grateful that it’s not.  Sundays offer a welcome rest, a time to slow down, and do whatever we want without the guilt.  An afternoon of leisure and a proper dinner en famille, while mildly depressing growing up, are now entirely satisfying.





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