The Marchesa Casati

I just finished readingInfinite Variety – The Life and Legend of the Marchesa Casati (Scot D. Ryersson & Michael Orlando Yaccarino).  It’s good, it’s so good.  I came across this book as I was picking up Casanova’s memoirs (Casanova / Casati – they just happen to live beside each other on the bookshelf).  I was drawn toward her photo on the book’s cover and as soon as I read the back, I knew I had struck gold:

‘Like a siren seated on the rocks of Capri, or a fabulously plumed bird of paradise shimmering in the grandest salon, the Marchesa Casati was the most extraordinary of the self-styled femme fatales…” (Stephen Calloway)

Fantastic.  This book really stirs the imagination.  Such an incredible life.

More info on Casati here:


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