It’s the fourth day of fall!

…But it was the first day of fall when I began writing this post.

This morning was so beautiful so we took a walk through the park.
Anna slept peacefully the entire time.

We love the duck pond at Assiniboine park and are looking forward to when the new café/restaurant opens.

 This week we’re heading to the zoo and planning an autumn picnic.  I also hope to clear out any old items from my closet as well as any maternity clothes which I really shouldn’t be wearing anymore (sure they’re comfy but they’re bringing me down)!  This time last year, we were coming down from our Europe high and getting ready to say goodbye to our studio.  Now, a year later and we have a baby!  What a difference a year can make.  So far I’m enjoying my mat leave but as the weather gets colder, I know it’s going to get a lot harder to stay positive.  Winters are brutal here in Winnipeg but this year I really want to get outside as much as possible.  This article over at A Cup of Jo has really inspired me to get out into the cold.  And then a friend of mine mentioned that she’s looking to get a sleigh for winter walks with her baby – what a great idea!  So now I’m on the lookout for a wooden sleigh like this one.

Enjoy the first week of fall!


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