old photos

Don’t you just love old photos? I have a mad obsession with photos of Winnipeg from 100 years ago when it was in its heyday.  Staring into an old photo is like stepping back in time.  I love to study all the details and the people, then I ‘unfreeze’ the photo and play out the scene in my mind. It’s fun to look at photos of downtown and the Exchange because many of the buildings are still there today yet times have completely changed. I could spend hours browsing heritagewinnipeg.com.  Here are some of my favourites from the site:

Grain Exchange on Princess Street 1896

Bert Eastwood Tonsorial Parlors 445 Main Street 1903

Victoria Theatre 1913

hair salon 1913

Winnipeg General Strike 1919

Peace day celebration Portage and Main 1919

Province Theatre 1922

Elephants by the Donald Street entrance to the Capitol Theatre 1923

Winnipeg Theatre fire December 24 1926


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