being present in the cold

Winter survival posts have been few and far between around here.  The series seemed like a good idea at the time but truth be told – I’m having a real hard time motivating myself.  It’s always around this time each year, before winter is even close to being over, that I get a real bad case of warm weather yearning.  I start wishing I could hop a flight to anywhere warmer and return once spring has arrived.   I spend so much time daydreaming about warmer days meanwhile I’m missing out on all the winter magic.  I’m definitely not one of those people who go into hibernation mode once the cold hits and there are a lot of things I really enjoy about winter.  It’s just that I love summer so much more.   So how do I get back into cold weather mode when I’ve got sundresses and picnics on my mind??  I find that writing a list  always helps so here’s my list of 25 things I love about the winter.

1. a fierce blizzard (but not if it shows up just when you think winter’s over!)
2. braving the cold then coming into a warm home
2. how beautiful everything looks covered in hoar frost
3. winter walks
4. looking out the window to see that it had snowed overnight
5. baking
6. cooking comfort meals
7. cozy sweaters
8. winter reading
9. the sound of snow ploughs  late at night as I’m curled up in bed
10. a leisurely afternoon at a cozy cafe
11. my Sorels
12. softly falling snow
13. freshly fallen snow
14. tobogganing (or just rolling down a hill)
15. swimming at an indoor pool on a blustery cold day
16. a hot bowl of soup
17. the sound of snow crunching as I walk
18. a winter picnic
19. having more time for creative projects
20. hot showers and bubble baths
21. bonfires
22. huge scarves
23. a cabin in the woods
24. playing in the snow
25. cold crisp air

This is just a start.  More thoughts on beating the winter blahs are yet to come.

(image via This Isn’t Happiness via FFFFOUND!)


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