postcards of Venice

Last weekend I came across an old souvenir booklet of postcards from Venice at a bookstore/antique shop. I wasn’t sure if I had any use for it but I love Venice and I love old stuff and it only cost 4 bucks so I bought it.

I didn’t want this gem to just sit tucked away in a drawer so I bought a 20″ x 36″ collage frame to display them in.¬† It was kinda time consuming to get all the postcards in place just so and tape ’em down but so worth it in the end.
We have an empty wall in our living room so this turned out to be the perfect thing to put there. (Click image to view larger)

If you want to spend some time wandering Venice but can’t afford the plane ticket, check out these books: one (a fascinating history), two (a real-life love story)¬† and three (you’ll love the descriptions of her stunning palazzo, the elaborate parties she hosted there, and her midnight strolls through Piazza San Marco).


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