the start of summer

What’s your favourite summer drink?  I love sangria, mojitos, margaritas, gin and tonic, and nothing beats a cold beer, if I had to choose just one.  The official start of summer is next week so now’s the time to make sure your bar is well stocked so you always have something to offer any guests who may pop by unexpected.  That never really happens around here though so I mixed up a pitcher of sangria and just drank it all myself.

Summer Sangria

Red wine (any kind, I used Wild Horse Canyon Merlot)
Slices of lemon, lime, and orange, plus some other fruit if you’d like
Some type of carbonated beverage like club soda or gingerale (I used lemon italian soda)

Pour the wine into a pitcher with fruit slices and let it sit for at least a day so the flavours intensify.  Add your soda and serve chilled.  Drink outside in the sun.


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